Marine Collagen, Superfoods & Cellular Cleansing


Collagen builds the foundation of a smooth and radiant complexion. The deepest layers of skin are made of a dense network of collagen fibers. Over time, the network of collagen fibers can become fragmented and weakened, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, and thinner skin.

Liquid collagen has a 90% absorption rate compared to powder collagen having a 30% absorption rate. 

Skin is the body’s largest organ and is composed of water, protein, and fat. Collagen is your body’s most abundant protein and creates structure, resilience, and elasticity. It acts like a glue that helps to hold everything in its place. Your body builds and repairs collagen every day, but collagen production gradually declines with age. 


  • Sourced from wild-caught, cold-water fish from the Atlantic Ocean following strict, environmentally friendly practices.
  • Flavor profile: a hint of botanical & berry
  • ​Consume: drink alone or mix with sparkling water to enjoy as a refreshing beverage
  • ​Soy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO and has no added sugars.  
  • ​Recommended: take 1 daily (I take 2 daily)
  • ​Manufactured in a carbon neutral facility with a partner that has a vision to eliminate plastic in our world’s waterways and aid in the conservation of ocean wildlife.
Type I collagen is the building block of our skin’s structure, making up around 80% of our skin’s dermal layer. Our bodies produce collagen naturally, but its production begins to decrease as we age. Marine collagen is composed mostly of type I collagen and is rich in amino acids that support the body’s natural production of collagen. Bovine, chicken, or pork-based animal collagen is often type II collagen, which is more suited to joints, but isn’t as effective as type I marine collagen when it comes to beauty-boosting benefits.

To truly care for your skin, you need to start below the surface. Collagen Elixir™ nourishes your skin from the inside out, promoting enhanced elasticity, firmness, and hydration for a healthy and radiant complexion. 

Good nutrition is essential for collagen production, but ordinary foods may not provide the right nutrients. While fish contains collagen, it’s in the form of long collagen fibers that are hard for the body to use. Collagen Elixir combines highly bioavailable collagen peptides along with vitamins and minerals to quickly deliver collagen’s benefits throughout the body. Studies show that supplementing with marine collagen, alone or when combined with other nutrients such as vitamin C and zinc, may improve skin hydration, elasticity, and thickness; improve physical aspects of hair and nails; and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced. Single serving to preserve maximum ingredient effectiveness. 

Ingredients from land and sea 

Collagen Elixir is made with hydrolyzed marine collagen synergistically blended with powerful botanicals and micronutrients to help nourish your skin from the inside out. These collagen-boosting nutrients are expertly mixed with cranberry, grape, and apple natural flavors to make a delicious wild–berry–flavored drink to sip and enjoy. 

Marine collagen blend: Made with hydrolyzed fish collagen sustainably sourced from deep–sea fish from the cold waters of the Atlantic and Scandinavian regions. Our marine collagen blend provides type I collagen in the form of collagen peptides and is rich in amino acids that support the body’s natural production of collagen.  

A proprietary blend: Contains phytonutrient-rich goji and acerola berries, moisturizing aloe vera, and soothing chamomile extracts. 

Vitamins and minerals: Vitamin C is an antioxidant nutrient that is required for normal collagen synthesis. Zinc is an essential nutrient and plays a vital role in skin, hair, and nail health. Biotin forms the foundation for skin, nail, and hair cells, and even a mild deficiency can cause dry or itchy skin. 

Before & After

Photos range across a time progression one year into a persisting concussion & post traumatic stress (2018) to sharper brain & healed nervous system (2021). For context, I am 39 years old.

2019: post-concussion, distressed nervous system, eating clean, high fat-low carb, no supplementation.

2020 (6 months apart): similar state to 2019, still hypervigilant, eating clean, high fat-low carb, adding in supplementation.

Left (2019) contrasting right (2021) incredible brain-heart coherence, healed nervous system, same diet plus superfoods nutrition, and full supplementation. 


Bodies are intelligent and our subconscious mind is powerfully designed to support & protect us - but our body and our mind get to a point where they can't do all of the heavy lifting on their own. No matter how organic, clean, green, healthy-protein, healthy fat, non-refined sugar, high vibe living you are, you still may not be getting the full nutrients your body requires. This was the case for me. 

Contrasting then vs now (above in photos) is night and day.  Recovering (then) from a rollover car accident with PTSD and a persisting concussion I was doing all the right things: moving my body daily, spending time in the sun, no drinking/no recreational drugs (not my thing), high quality sleep, healthy mindset and eating low carb, high fat, mostly plant based, unprocessed diet and free of refined sugar. Supplementing what I was eating? Completely forgot. My brain was focused on literally what was in front of me to keep the ship going at that time. You do your best until you know better (remembering basic things, in my case). 

My brain required help and my nervous system was exhausted during waking hours (extreme hypervigilance). What worked for me at the time was a low dose of Adderall, despite being resistant to anything prescription. This helped me focus when I was awake so I could actually get work done. Without it I would go about my daily routine yet still be completely depleted and often end up frustrated if I couldn't focus on necessary tasks at hand. Over time I self-healed my nervous system which completely changed my life, but my energy level still was at a much lower-low than before my accident. I could only do so much before I'd legit need to stop time and take a nap. In my experience, taking this prescription (that once helped me function) became counterproductive as my body and mind began getting healthier. 

At the start of 2020 I completely removed that prescription from my life and I finally started supplementing my already superior diet/nutrition with the highest quality superfoods and marine collagen which, has done wonders for my energy level, productivity and mood (quality of my relationships) - and honestly, LOOK AT MY SKIN. And, it all just keeps getting better. Let me tell you, the GLOW is REAL from the inside out. I will never go without what helps: proper supplementation in addition to leading a healthy lifestyle. When I say ask me anything - I mean ask me anything! What I'm sharing with you has changed my life!
**Consult your medical professional on what's right for you and read my terms & conditions. 
Great to meet you! I'm Sloan, business wellness leader, coach & sustainable luxury founder - and I am incredibly passionate about physical, mental & emotional wellness. 
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60-Day Supply Best Value


60-Day Supply Best Value